Book Review: Metamorpha (Author: Kyle Strobel)

Cover of Kyle Strobel's book Metamorpha
Cover of Kyle Strobel’s book Metamorpha.

I am a voracious reader and my interests cover a variety of topics. One of my specialties, so to speak, is books of a Christian nature. I enjoy a number of Christian authors and am constantly expanding my interests. Not too long ago I received a promotional copy of a new book by Kyle Strobel entitled Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life. Promotional books oftentimes aren’t of the greatest quality and when I saw that this was in fact Lee Strobel‘s son (Case for Faith, Case for Christ, Case for a Creator) I was instantly underwhelmed. I had tried Strobel’s Case for a Creator and while initially the volume had grasped my interest I became discombobulated and bored as the volume continued. I felt like Lee’s intense writing skills as an investigative journalist didn’t carry over well to full-length volumes and this challenge for journalists seems to be confirmed by David Aikman‘s The Delusion of Disbelief. In any case, my skepticism was high, but I began to plunge ahead – and I was astounded.

Kyle Strobel writes with clarity, honesty, and wisdom I have seldom encountered except amongst the masters. I can rank him without hyperbolization alongside John Piper (Desiring God, Future Grace), C.S. Lewis (Mere Christianity, Chronicles of Narnia), and George MacDonald (Diary of an Old Soul, Unspoken Sermons). The quality of his writing is superb, the content is clear and concise, the depth of his knowledge is amazing.

Strobel is young. Very young. But his work desires the attention not only of this current generation but also of the elder generations. With the wisdom of Solomon he carefully examines the faults of the elder and younger generations. Unlike so many contemporary writers who are blinded by the faults of the other generation Strobel is careful to pull the plank each generation’s eye as he seeks to unfold a clearer vision of following Christ.

If you are looking for visionary insight into the following of Jesus. If you desire to deepen your walk with God…Or even to understand who this God is and why you should care. If you find yourself in conflict with those of other generations – or are simply looking for deep, heart-wrenching, intellectual, theological stimulation – get ready to take a wild ride.