Canceling Your TransUnion Trial (Not as Easy as You’d Think)


There are three big credit bureaus that track essentially everyone’s financial history and viability – TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. They keep track of how much you owe and to whom, whether you’ve made your payments on time, where you live and where you have lived, and on and on the list goes. They provide this information at request to businesses who use it to determine whether they are going to sell or rent a product or service to you.

The Free Trial

Each of these bureaus tends to offer free trials – in this instance I signed up for a seven day free trial to TransUnion which included both a credit score and report (from TransUnion – the three bureaus don’t necessarily have matching information).

It was a good thing I did – they had Charity’s employment listed as mine and Charity’s employment listed as her former employment. I was also able to take care of a false delinquency charge on both Charity and I’s accounts.

Now I was done and the choice was to keep the service for $11.97/mo. or cancel it. Well, that was easy – I want to cancel it. Unfortunately, unlike most web services, it isn’t particularly easy to cancel your service. I scoured everywhere within my account and profile settings for TransUnion for a cancel option but all I could do was upgrade my services to more expensive plans – not cancel them. What?!?!

Finding a Phone Number:

When everything else fails there is one solution remaining (okay two, one can also find a postal address) – find a phone number and talk to a real person (time consuming and I don’t like phones). I went to the TransUnion site and clicked on Contact Us. Okay, a whole bunch of options…which one to try? In the end I chose Consumer Resources – called the number and within three minutes was somehow placing (via their automated system) an order for another credit report and pressing 0 repeatedly only caused them to hang up on me rather than sending me to a real operator / support person. Usually 0 indicates the person needs help not “please end my phone call.” Thankfully, the order didn’t go through.

Google Helps:

I ended up searching via Google for “how to cancel transunion free trial” which eventually led me to their terms of service page where there is a hyperlink (not hyperlinked) to another contact page (that I have no clue how to navigate to otherwise) here: On this page you’ll find a phone number you can call and cancel your service. The operator picked up quickly – I expect b/c no one is able to find the number and fairly quickly and without too much argument canceled my service.

Dave Thinks:

For what it is worth – I think it is great that we now get a free credit report annually from each of the bureaus, but I don’t think this goes far enough. These bureaus are trading on information about us – sensitive and personal information – which is used to make life-altering decisions for us (can you buy that house, lease that car, qualify for that credit card) and it is unfair for them to charge us for the privilege of viewing and/or correcting our credit score/report at any time, any place, for any reason at no cost to us. In fact, I think someone could probably make an excellent class-action suit on this basis.

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18 thoughts on “Canceling Your TransUnion Trial (Not as Easy as You’d Think)”

  1. I completely agree, I’ve been thinking this same thing for the longest time. This information, which is my info, should not be offered to me with a fee attached.

  2. Yeah it saved me so much time. I really appreciate this info. You can’t even get to that number through their site, at least as far as I could find. I only got there through that link you gave me.

  3. Since you mentioned this, and I was a little apprehensive about the loophole that might exist I looked into it. First I’d suggest that when you log on to the TransUnion site (or whatever the site is), look for the receipt for the report so you’ll have the order number. See they want a credit card number to charge automatically after the trial ends, anyhow there should be a receipt available once you accept the terms.

    If you look at the “terms” in the little box, there’s this blurb about canceling … “To cancel your subscription please contact our Customer Service Team. For contact information and hours of service go to” … I went to that site and there’s an 800 number for customer service with the following info:

    Talk to a Customer Service Team member.*
    Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to Midnight Eastern time
    Friday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time
    Call toll-free
    (800) 493-2392


    So, basically you should be able to call that number to cancel … and your card won’t be charged. I’m just suggesting that you dig up the transaction number on the receipt to make it totally seamless, I’m sure they can do it without that. Agree though, if you don’t parse through that little “terms of agreement” box (people rarely read that stuff, and that’s probably what they’re counting on) you’d be essentially stuck.

    1. i knew these guys were going to make it tough to cancel and luckily enough in the 400 paragraph terms agreement i did find that web address however after typing the whole address into my address bar it still would not bring me to that page. i had to google it and finally found it on the 2nd page and that worked. crazy right??? how they know i found it? lol

  4. I just signed up and canceled my subscription without talking to anyone. The cancel link is not that buried:

    Log in to your account
    Click Help (Upper right near Logout)
    Click Payments
    At the bottom there is a link to cancel your membership.
    Click to confirm and that’s it!


    1. That link no longer exists, even though the TU phone system says to cancel that way.

      Now you still have to talk to a human and they attempt another sales pitch. Unfortunately for them, the tougher they make it to cancel, the less likely I am to re-join in the future.

  5. I opened a free account, and can canceled it the same day, Today, seven days later I got a bill for $18 and change.

    I called so called customer service and was told I had only canceled my free trial, I had not canceled the accompanying monthly subscription, that it was a valid charge, and that they would not refund it.

    I canceled on line and got a confirmation number.

    Never again….

  6. A quick thanks to Brian and Bob.
    I signed up for my free trial membership yesterday and had a difficult time navigating the site.

    Brian- your post made the site navigation go much more smoothly.
    ” Log into your account
    Click Help (upper right near Logout)
    Click Payments
    At the bottom there is a link to cancel your membership.
    Click to confirm”

    Bob- after reading your post I had no choice but to be cautiously optimistic that my subscription had indeed been fully terminated. so with a quick five minute follow up call the 1800 number (493-2392) I confirmed with the operator that my membership in its entirety had indeed been terminated.This took all of 5 minutes.

  7. The link you provided was great! I do need to tell you that you could have gotten the link when you put your card info in. If you read the terms and conditions part and skip to the cancellation then they give you the link. I know it can be time consuming but it is always best to skim through the contract before paying for something.

  8. Thank you for this information! I called the number you provided and an automated message told me how to cancel the free trial online. I clicked on the “Payment” tab as it suggested, but the link I was expecting at the bottom of the page wasn’t there. I spoke to an operator and painlessly had the account canceled. All he did was ask why I wanted to close the account; I said I opened it accidentally.

  9. You can now click help at the top of the page, then payment, then you can choose to cancel your membership online.

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