The State of IP (Web-Based) Enabled Thermostats.

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[This post was updated on 4/10/12. It now includes revised and expanded information. Please let me know if anything is missing!]

I’ve been looking into IP-based thermostats, that is, thermostats which can be managed remotely via the web. I’ve collected a number of vendors below. The idea is coming into its own and a number of companies have picked up on it and it is a great idea – as it could significantly lower electrical costs for homes and businesses. Before I move on to the actual reviews here are a few questions I have I’d love to hear your thoughts on:

  • Do you know of any other companies that manufacture and/or sell IP enabled thermostats?
  • Do you know of any companies that offer discounts to non-profits?
  • Do you know of any companies which support LAN-based thermostat management but not internet-based? I’d like to add them to the list…as they can be managed remotely via programs such as LogMeIn.


  • Are sold through a local contractor, not directly from the manufacturer.
  • On eBay the units appear to be selling for $300-$500.
  • The website is very nice and the device appears very nice, but you are going to pay a premium.
  • They have a new device with an apparently lower price this month (April 2012).

Radio Thermostat:

  • Sold directly from the manufacturer.
  • Price ranges from $140 to $250.
  • Also rebranded by Filtrete and sold through Home Depot at a cheaper price ($100).
  • Requires either a “C” or “common” wire or an external transformer for power.
  • Site and thermostat both look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Sometimes distributed as Homewerks (e.g. on Amazon).


  • On eBay the units appear to be selling for $100-$200.
  • One of the oldest IP thermostat manufacturers.
  • Has residential and commercial solutions.
  • Includes web-based remote control if desired, but not necessary.

Bay Controls:

  • Claims typical energy savings will pay for thermostat in around a year.[1]
  • Claims can be installed in thirty minutes or less by an end user.
  • Does not charge any ongoing monthly fees for the web-based service.
  • Includes reporting, analysis, and monitoring functions.
  • Has mobile websites created to support major mobile phone providers.
  • Does not operate wirelessly, but does sell powerline ethernet adapters to use powerlines to communicate with router. Cost is less than $60/ea.
  • Pricing is around $220/ea. for thermostats.


  • Requires Net/X thermostats and then a central network controller which relays traffic out for remote management.
  • Cost for thermostats themselves is $300+.

Intwine Energy:

  • Cost is $200 per unit for the basic level.
  • Includes wireless built in.
  • Initial programming occurs via USB to computer, only initial configuration must be done in this manner.
  • Annual fee for advanced management and reporting functionality of $15.

Schlage Nexia Home (formerly Schlage LiNK):

  • $150 for thermostat.
  • Must have a Nexia Bridge to utilize ($99).
  • Ongoing cost is $8.99/mo.
  • Utilizes Z-Wave (similar to ZigBee).
  • Also sells appliance modules, cameras, lighting controls, and door locks.

Nest Thermostat:

Enphase Energy:

  • Utilizes the ZigBee protocol to wirelessly communicate with a gateway device which allows for communication with Enphase’s website.
  • Also integrates with solar panels.
  • No easily found pricing.


  • Wireless access seems to be in-home only.
  • They have a Surveyor product meant for businesses which manages HVAC as well as lighting, etc.


  • Impressive product line but appears to work through utilities.


  • Appears to be available only in limited geographic areas.
  • Site failed to load as of 4/9/12.


  • Offers two internet enabled options – the original ComfortLink and now the ComfortLink II.
  • These are full color thermostats.


  • Offers a Connect line of products which operate with WiFi.
  • Thermostat is $200.


  • Has the Prestige 2.0 thermostat which includes internet capabilities.
  • Unsure of pricing.

Fidure Corp.:

Site hasn’t been updated since 2007 according to copyright, appears to be vaporware.



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  1. [1] No notes on what type of facility is required to save this much, e.g. will one save more with a larger building?