Google Now Voice Commands

Jason Cross over at greenbot has written a great list of known Google Now voice commands. The commands I use or intend to use on a regular basis (and think may be most helpful to you) are:

Command Example
Define [word] Define reasonable
What is the weather? What is the weather
What is [quantity] [unit] in [unit]? What is 12 feet in centimers?
What is [mathematical equation]? What is 10 divided by 2?
What is 10 times 2?
What is 10 plus 2?
What is 10 minus 2?
Take a picture Take a picture
Turn [on/off] [Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Flashlight] Turn on Wi-Fi
Turn off GPS
Turn on Bluetooth
Turn off Flashlight
Set an alarm for [time] Set an alarm for 50 minutes
Create a calendar event: [calendar event] Create a calendar event: Meeting with Widget Co. to discuss new website on Monday at 8 am.
Remind me to [action] Remind me to pick up milk
Make a note: [note] Make a note: Google Now is useful.
Find [name] [info.] Find Dave Mackey’s phone number.
Call [name] Call Dave.
Text [name] [message] Text Dave “What is up?”
Where is the nearest [place]? Where is the nearest McDonalds?
Directions to [address] Directions to New York City

Meeting in the Middle.

While Sheila and I were dating we lived fairly far apart. I found a really nifty site that helped with this dilemma – its called MeetWays.

All one does is enter the starting address for both parties and then the type of meeting place you are looking for – e.g., a restaurant, library, movie theater, or park.

MeetWays then finds options for you that are close to equidistant between the two addresses.

Meetways Results Screenshot

A Little Dishwasher Humor…

I wanted to buy a dishwasher magnet – you know one of those cool ones that says “Dirty” and “Clean” on it so you know what the dishes are…

You say you can just open the dishwasher and look? Well why didn’t you say that before I bought the magnet? :P

I shouldn’t have been surprised – but was – to find a number of humorous variations on the dishwasher magnet, the best I’ve shared below…Feel free to guess in the comments which one Sheila and I bought. :-)

Gruppy / Happy Dishwasher Magnet

I Wouldn't If... Dishwasher Magnet

Schrodinger's Cat Dishwasher MagnetBacon Time Dishwasher MagnetUber Dirty Dishwasher MagnetChemistry Dishwasher MagnetShakespeare Dishwasher MagnetSigmund Freud DIshwasher Magnet